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Student Accounts

Thomas University’s Student Accounts Office is dedicated to helping students understand their student account.  We can assist with questions about tuition, fees and refunds as well as determining whom to contact to correct errors on your account.  We are here to help!  Additionally, your account information is available 24/7 on your Hawklink account.

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    1. Student Accounts
      Student Service Building D
      1501 Millpond Rd.
      Thomasville, GA 31792

Office Hours                          Monday – Friday               9:00am – 5:00pm

Phone: (229) 584-2461
Fax: 229-584-5398
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+When is Tuition Due?

Total charges for each semester (tuition, fees, etc.) net of applied financial aid and other credits must be paid by the end of the first week of classes each semester.  For students receiving financial aid, be sure your paperwork is complete with the Financial Aid Office prior to the first day of classes.

+How Can I Make A Payment

The University accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).  You can also settle your account by signing up for Thomas University’s Payment Plan (TUPP) See details below. Payments can be mailed to:Student Accounts
Thomas University
1501 Millpond Road
Thomasville, GA 31792

To make online payments, log in to Hawklink account and go to My Ledger.  There is a button to make online payments.

+Thomas University Payment Plan

The TUPP is a sensible alternative to paying education expenses. It allows for smaller payments that more closely match your budget needs.  Some of the TUPP features include:

  • Four-payment plans are available for fall and spring semesters as well as a three-payment plan for summer semester.
  • No credit approval is required.
  • There is a $35 plan enrollment fee.

Payment plans are available for all semesters, but the student must apply for the payment plan each semester.  Students must satisfy their current payment plan according to its terms before being allowed to register for the upcoming semester.  When a plan is set up, monthly payments are due on the 15th of each month with the down payment due upon sign-up.

Payment Plan Schedules

Fall 4 Payments Spring 4 Payments Summer 3 payments
First day of classesFirst day of classesFirst day of classes (May)
September 15February 15June 15
October 15March 15July 15
November 15April 15

Payment Plan Enrollment

  • Students can log on to their Hawklink account. via the Portal once they have registered to review their billing statement for the semester.
  • Go to “My Ledger” under the Administrative Services tab to view you student balance.

+Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out my balance?

How do I find out if my financial aid is complete? 

  • Check your ledger on Hawklink or contact the Office of Financial Aid at

How do I pay my bill?  Several options are available:

  • Mail a check or money order (US$) to Thomas University, Student Accounts, 1501 Millpond Road, Thomasville, GA 31792.
  • Pay in person.
  • Pay by phone by calling 800-538-9784 ext. 1037
  • Pay online at through HawkLink “My Ledger”

+Something Wrong With Your Account?

  • If your classes are wrong – contact your advisor.
  • If your financial aid is wrong – contact the Office of Financial Aid at (229) 584-2460.
  • If your tuition and fees are wrong – contact the Student Accounts at (229) 227.2461.


All charges net of any applied financial aid and other credits on the student’s account are final at 5:00 p.m. the last day of Drop/Add.  Refunds can occur only from adjustments to classes made during Drop/Add or from student loans.  Consequently, the Student Accounts Office cannot confirm a refundable amount until after the Drop/Add period concludes.  If a loan applied to a student’s account creates a refundable amount, no refund to the student is made until funds have been received by the University and student refunds are processed.

The Student Accounts Office disburses refunds within 14 days of receiving the funds from the lending agency.  You can confirm the availability of your requested refund by checking your account on Hawklink.  If the line item “Student Refund” appears on your ledger, the date associated with that line item is the date the refund will be ready.

You may request that the Student Accounts Office mail your check to you.  Please send that request via email along with confirmation of your mailing address and the last four numbers of your Social Security Number to student  The best way to receive your refund is for Direct Deposit.  You can sign up for Direct Deposit in HawkLink.


An official withdrawal may impact a student’s eligibility for current or pending financial aid. Students who withdrawal from the university after the start of the term must complete a Withdrawal Survey through the Registrar’s Office and should contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships regarding the impact on their eligibility. The date of official withdrawal (as reported by the Registrar’s Office) may be utilized in the federal Return of Title IV funds calculation. If financial aid funds were used to pay tuition and fees, and a student withdrawals, any refundable tuition amount is returned to the appropriate financial aid sources (refer to the tuition/fee refund schedule in the TU Schedule of Classes).

A student is considered unofficially withdrawn if they fail to receive any passing grades in a given term. In the case of an unofficial withdrawal, the Office of Financial Aid is required to review participation reported by TU and partner school instructors. This participation information is used to establish the last date of participation that may be utilized in the federal Return of Title IV funds calculation.

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